Gareth Coker / 加雷思.科克

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Gareth Coker is a composer for film, video-games and commercials, who is currently finishing the orchestral score for Ori and the Blind Forest, developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft for Xbox One and PC.Since moving from Japan to Los Angeles in 2009, Gareth has gradually established a foothold in the industry through writing for numerous projects, both big and small, for all mediums and in multiple genres. He is noted for creating unique soundscapes in his scores while also being able to apply these exotic and unconventional tones in a way that fits the story being told. Friendly and highly flexible during the process, he is always open to working on new and exciting projects.Recent credits include the films Labyrinth, starring James Franco, and Dark Power, starring Kristianna Loken and Sean Patrick Flanery. He has contributed scores to the games inMomentum and Primal Carnage, and Eden Star.His music has been used in advertising campaigns for Oscar-winning movies, including The King's Speech and The Secret In Their Eyes. To date, his music has been featured in over 100 trailers, working most notably with Zealot, Inc. to bring their marketing campaigns to life. He also contribues music in various styles to music libraries EMI Production Music and ICON Trailer Music.Gareth is a BMI-affiliated composer, and is a member of the Game Audio Network Guild, and the Los Angeles chapter of the International Game Developers' Association.
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